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Investment Philosophy

“Our job is to help our clients avoid making costly investment mistakes.” – Dr. Crane

We do this by advising our clients from a viewpoint that spans market cycles and has its foundations in sound academic theory and over 40 years of investing experience.

We take a conservative investment approach using the Nobel prize-winning investment framework known as Modern Portfolio Theory, which is based on diversification and strategic asset allocation. It is our philosophy that well-structured investment strategies deliver the characteristics promised to investors in a risk-efficient and cost-efficient manner. To this end, we employ a Total Return investment strategy.

We avoid market timing, trend chasing, and excessive risk-taking. Instead, we focus our efforts on what we can control—assuming an appropriate level of risk, monitoring portfolio costs, planning for future liquidity needs, minimizing potential conflicts of interest—all within the context of a well-conceived long-term strategy.

Success is most often determined by sticking to the plan rather than trying to beat a benchmark.

We work hard to maintain a system of people, processes and technology that delivers advice and strategies that uphold these principles.