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Our Approach

We seek long-term relationships with individuals and families that appreciate quality financial advice provided in a highly moral, ethical framework.  The clients' needs are always first and foremost as we work together to pursue their financial goals and objectives.

Client engagements are generally one of three types: 
(1) integrated, comprehensive financial planning, 
(2) modular planning, or 
(3) transactional planning.  

Integrated planning is the most comprehensive and unique service that we offer.  In this type of engagement, all of the basic areas (modules) of planning are examined, including cash and debt management, insurance, investments, taxes, college funding, retirement, and estate preservation.

Modular planning tends to focus on a single area, but often spills over into other areas as the relationship evolves.  

Transactional planning generally looks at a pending or projected single action or event, where the client feels technically correct numerical analysis would be beneficial to the decision at hand.

Businesses often hire us to install pension plans, 401(k)’s or SIMPLEs to provide pre-tax opportunities for their employees.  Tax sheltered annuity analysis, selection and allocation are provided for our clients in the non-profit sector.

Individuals in the firm are registered to represent buyers and sellers of financial products:  stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, real estate, and life and disability insurance.  This ensures that clients who desire a total package of products and services can be accommodated in a professional and efficient manner.